Funk up your new footwear by designing your custom-order shoes

We promise that your KIRA's custom made footwear will exceed expectations.
Be prepared to receive unique, one of a kind artisan shoes, designed by you.


✓ proportioned according to the dimensions of the customer's feet

✓ made of materials and colours chosen by the customer

4 steps how to order custom made shoes:


Place an order and wait for the contact by your personal KIRA consultant.


The crucial first stage of custom made shoes is measuring the client's foot. Don't worry, you will be guided.


Choose the material and colour of the boots or sneakers and let us know your wildest wishes regarding design.


In 5-7 weeks, your one of a kind handmade design-footwear will be on its way using your preferred shipping method.


All our materials are leftovers and specially made for footwear production.
Email us at if you have any questions.













Here are some of the benefits of buying custom shoes

personal customer service

Your personal consultant will guide you throughout the process starting from measuring your foot until shipping. 

experienced shoe masters

Your made to measure shoes are crafted by experienced shoemakers in Tartu, Estonia. Our manufacturer has a long history of making high-quality military and trekking boots to customers across the world.  

one of a kind

Your crazy art and design ideas will be fulfilled by our talented artist. If you prefer shoes without painting, this is fine too. You can just order made to measure option for maximum comfort.


Occasionally, there are boots in our production line that do not meet our quality standards mainly due to glue stains. Instead of disposing of them, we teamed up with talented art students who turned these “defective” boots into one-of-a-kind pieces of art!

✓ your crazy idea will be hand-painted by our talented artists

✓ made out of customer's selected materials

Email us at to get the quote

about the artistS

Mari (@marifruhling) and Miina (@whatdoyoumiina) are young artists from Estonia. They currently studying painting at the Pallas University of Applied Sciences. 

Unleash your imagination and make a bold fashion statement with our custom-made footwear collection. Experience the thrill of bringing your unique ideas to life. Our exclusive collaboration with Mari and Miina ensures that your KIRA boots will be transformed into extraordinary works of art, tailor-made for your everyday wear. Elevate your style and infuse your new footwear with personality by designing your custom order today. With our artists, the possibilities are endless, allowing you to turn your wildest ideas into reality!

✓ Because made-to-measure painted boots are one of a kind, you can’t return them.

✓ The shoes have 2-year warranty.

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