We care deeply about the environment, and we’re always working to reduce our impact.
We assess our environmental footprint by gathering detailed data from our suppliers, which helps us understand our climate impact and identify areas for improvement. Our ultimate goal is to operate in a sustainable way and minimize the environmental impact.


BCome is a sustainability platform founded  in Spain by two women in 2019. BCome provides textile and apparel businesses with data on a product’s value chain from material sourcing to production.

More than 1 million products have been monitored for environmental impact by BCome during the past few years with KIRA being the first Estonian brand to join the cause together with globally reknown brands like Ecoalf, Thinking Mu or Axel Arigato.

BCome traces, measures, evaluates and digitalizes the environmental impact of a fashion product. For example, how much water was used to make a product, compared to industry standard. BCome is committed to a 360-degree solution with a clear mission: to change the way that products are designed, distributed and produced, through data and knowledge.

A single platform to transform products into data, data into answers, and answers into value.

Kira Sustainable recycled sweats for women


At KIRA, we take pride in our high sustainability standards and are committed to continually improving our environmental impact. While our products have already achieved great results, we recognize that there is always room for improvement in various areas.



Take a look at the eco score of our matching sweatshirt and sweatpants below. 

Our innovative and eco-friendly activewear not only looks great but also helps to reduce water and CO2 consumption. Check out the table below to see just how much we’ve saved, and how our results compare to industry standards.

Discover the environmental impact of KIRA boots and sneakers by exploring their sustainability score below. 


We prioritize sustainability in all our operations and strive to minimize our ecological footprint while maintaining the quality of our products. To achieve this, we research and use innovative materials, including car tyre soles, recycled felt, and reused cotton that have internationally approved certificates such as Global Recycled Standard (GRS), Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, V-Label etc. 

Furthermore, we ensure that our production units meet ethical and environmentally friendly criteria. We also incorporate leftover materials from other producers, giving new life to unwanted items and conserving natural resources.

The Power of Local Sourcing

At KIRA, we take pride in offering sustainable fashion pieces that prioritize both style and ethical sourcing. We understand the impact of transportation on the environment, which is why our products have only traveled within Europe. We source our materials primarily from Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands to ensure quality and minimize our carbon footprint.

Additionally, we’re committed to reducing waste by giving new life to leftover materials. When possible, we incorporate shoe production materials that are no longer needed, creating unique pieces with a story to tell. From packaging to shoelaces, everything we use is locally sourced from Estonia, where our manufacturing is based.

By choosing KIRA, you’re not only supporting ethical fashion practices, but also contributing to a more sustainable consuming. 

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