FOREST AND NATURE – this is life

Forest and nature – this is life As the years go by, we see less and less nature in the city. KIRA has always felt a special connection with nature, which is why we wanted to bring a piece of greenery and idyll to everyday life with our nature photo sweatshirts. Priidu Saart, one of

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how to take care of your kira’s

CARE GUIDE FOR YOUR KIRA’S With the right care and quality material, your shoes can last for years. However, it is often necessary to replace shoes more quickly, mainly due to poor or wrong maintenance. Our team has tested and developed effective maintenance tips for all KIRA products. KIRA boots: ✓ It is very important to

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My Camino

The plan without plans – my camino For me, Santiago de Compostela’s pilgrimage wasn’t religious, but spiritual. My journey was inspired by, ”Täitsa pekkis’’ (Screwed-Up in English) podcast where one of the hosts Mihkel described the pilgrimage: ”The inner child says that he or she no longer wants that kind of life. He needs change,

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