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Here at KIRA, we are about to launch the BCOME platform in order to get a 360º overview of our sustainability performance.

It’s a tool for evaluating the index of sustainability of a product across four impact areas: planet, people, transparency, and circularity.

At the moment the audit is in progress. Shortly all our products will receive QR codes, so you can trace all aspects of them.

Here at KIRA, we have been committed to creating a sustainable company that values three things:

✓ Reducing the environmental impact of fashion on the planet.

✓ Ensuring a fair and ethical working environment for our employees.

✓ Supporting our customers to tread more gently on the Earth.

By purchasing our timeless and simple shoes, you can join us in cultivating a more ethical world.  

KIRA’s biggest wish is to create products with a minimal ecological footprint. 

That’s why all our items were slogan:  LEAVE NO TRACE 

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