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KIRA is as respectful to nature as possible, avoiding waste and throw away. We want to minimize as much as possible our ecological footprint. Over 24 billion pairs of shoes are produced each year, with over 90% of these likely to end up in landfills — often within just 12 months of purchase. A huge amount of waste can be avoided by simply repairing goods instead of buying new things. 

If you are interested in using our repair service for your KIRA products please note that we only offer this service for boots, sneakers, and activewear of our brand.

shoe repair service
Repair service delivery details:
- Lutsu 5, Tartu, 51006, Estonia
- dpd / itella / omniva / pick-up station (Ujula Konsum, Tartu)

NOTE: Shipping costs for repair service is the responsibility of the customer I +372 5363 6355

Like most of the things in life. The more you care, the longer they will serve you.

care tips for winter boots

✓ You should get into the routine of wiping them out after use and deep cleaning them periodically

 Wipe clean with a wet cloth

✓ Do not wash in the washing machine

✓ Recommended to use water & stain repellent protective spray after some time of usage

care tips for sneakers

How you’re going to keep your new sneakers looking new. We have gathered some hacks.  Please feel free to share your tips by e-mailing or DM us on Instagram

✓ You should get into the routine of wiping them out after use and deep cleaning them periodically

 Regular eraser works perfectly with KIRA’s.

✓ Alternatively, go and check your local shoe store for getting something special for white sneakers

 Spray on protector repellent

✓ Non-gel white toothpaste works surprisingly well

care tips for actitivewear

✓ Wash at or below 30 °C 

✓ Iron at low temperature, if needed at all 

✓ Do not bleach 

✓ Do not use chlorine-based bleach 

✓ Do not tumble dry

NOTE: Laundering your clothes more than you need to can shorten their lifespan and wear them out quickly.

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